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Etymology - Irish Slang Words Translated...

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

The Irish have devised their very own collection of weird and wonderful words. Niall Horan tests his knowledge of Irish slang. From "bajanxed" to "bogger", and takes us through some of Ireland's best slang phrases.

Rarebirds Wall Prints / Irish Slang

Banjaxed - Wall Print

Banjaxed means broken beyond repair or tired and worn out, used like this...'I ran all the way here and now I'm banjaxed.

#irishslang #irishwords #banjaxed

Arseways - Wall Print

Arseways means 'the wrong way'...I couldn't get the bread out of the toaster because it was jammed in arseways!

#irishslang #irishwords #arseways

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