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'New' gallery wall prints

1. Choose your art prints

First things first, the art. When it comes to a gallery wall, just about anything goes, but deciding on a theme

or style is a good place to start, would you prefer an zingy colourful look or a muted tonal vibe, something wordy with landscapes or something bold & graphic? We'll be creating some gallery wall styles to help inspire

you over the new few weeks, to begin with, we have added some new Irish prints to our shop, see below...

Top tip: Click the little heart beside the 'add to basket' button to create a gallery of your favourite prints

- this way you can play around with a selection of art prints, share it with your other/housemate/cat!

until you’re happy!

2. Select the size

With your chosen style in mind, you can decide whether you are going to keep it orderly with a tidy grid structure, or mix it up with different sizes. Some of our prints are in a set of three work well together. Try a gallery wall of posters in the same size for a bold, unified sequence. For a more casual gallery wall look, opt for an eclectic selection of artworks in a mix of different sizes and frames. Our prints come in many sizes, and we are adding new A5 prints soon too, which work well as fillers.

3. Pick your frames

Try our hand-finished wood frames in white or black. Mix and match light and dark frames for an eclectic feel, see below. Click on the images in our shop to see the posters in white or black frames.

4. Decide on the layout

So your prints have arrived. Yippee! Now, before you start banging nails in the wall, lay your prints out on the floor to arrange and rearrange the order until you’re happy. Pick a layout that suits your prints, your space and the look you want to create. Check out our top layouts below, or explore our Pinterest board for more inspiration.

5. Arrange paper cut-outs

Create paper cut-outs (old newspapers work) in the sizes of your prints, and use these to create

a layout on your wall using blu-tack, moving them around until you have the perfect balance

6. Hang your prints

When all the cut-outs are in the right place and you’re happy with the layout, mark where they will be positioned,

hang your art prints with command strips (we love them) and ta dah, you have created your beautiful gallery wall.

We would love to see your gallery wall's, tag us and we'll share your space on our instagram stories.

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